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By understanding how your body regulates hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammatory responses and autoimmunity, we can consider a wide array of treatment options to personalize a plan that boosts functionality while lessening discomfort. Following an injury or degenerative conditions related to trauma or chronic disease regenerative medicine using human cells, blood and tissue products can be used to replenish, repair and restore damaged tissues in an injured area. Although we cannot make claims or provide any guarantees of clinical outcomes, our doctors and staff work tirelessly to tailor a multidisciplinary approach to managing your conditions. With the growing number of autoimmune disorders being diagnosed today, our healthcare team will create a treatment regimen to attack your problems before they attack your body again. Our team's goal is to help restore balance, so you can enjoy living the life you choose.

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Directions to MedWell from Clifton NJ:

MedWell Center for Functional, Therapeutic and Regenerative Medicine is conveniently located less than twelve miles from Clifton NJ. From downtown Clifton, take St. James Place to Clifton Ave. Continue on Clifton Ave and take US-46 E, then turn left onto McLean Blvd (NJ-20 N). NJ-20 N turns slightly right and becomes Lincoln Ave. Stay on Lincoln Ave. for 2.5 miles and turn left onto Godwin Avenue, which will take you to downtown Midland Park NJ. MedWell Pain Relief Center is located at 33 Central Avenue in downtown Midland Park NJ.

NOTE: Due to construction projects, weather or other events in the area, you should plan accordingly.

ALTERNATE ROUTE - Based on the most current conditions, the fastest route maybe to take the Garden State Pkwy (this route has tolls) from Clifton Ave. or Van Houten Ave. Continue on Garden State Pkwy and take NJ-208 N to County Rd 659 (Goffle Rd.). In Hawthorne, take the exit toward Midland Park and continue on County Rd. 659 to Godwin Avenue. MedWell Pain Relief Center is located at 33 Central Avenue in downtown Midland Park NJ.

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