Functional Medicine River Edge NJ

As you age, the healthy tissues in your body can breakdown and degenerate due trauma, illness and the aging process. At the Medwell Center for Functional, Therapeutic and Regenerative medicine, our mission is to provide patients with comprehensive treatments using an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating the whole patient for all types of complex, acute and chronic pain conditions. Our functional and regenerative treatments go where your body needs help in healing damaged or diseased tissues. Identifying and managing food intolerances, using your body's growth factors to speed healing, targeting painful areas for stem cell therapy, achieving hormonal balance to restore your natural energy levels and correcting problems in the bedroom are just a few of the innovative interventions that help our patients live a healthier and happier life.

Functional Medicine

Directions to MedWell from River Edge NJ:

From downtown River Edge NJ, get on NJ-4 W (State Rte 4 W) in Paramus from Fifth Avenue or Forest Avenue toward Garden State Parkway. Take NJ 208 N to County Rd 659 (Goffle Rd) in Hawthorne. Take the exit toward Midland Park from NJ-208 N. Continue on County Rd 659 to Godwin Avenue. MedWell is located at 33 Central Avenue in downtown Midland Park.

(Alternative Route)

From downtown River Edge NJ, head west on Concord Drive toward Elm Ave, then turn left at the second cross street onto Fifth Avenue. Turn right onto Howland Ave then right onto Spring Valley Rd then left onto E Century Road. Turn left to stay on E Century Rd (follow signs for NJ-17 S) and turn right onto Saddle River Road. Continue onto Prospect St then straight onto Ackerman Avenue. Turn left onto Godwin Avenue to Central Ave in downtown Midland Park.