Medical Weight Loss Bergen County NJ

MedWell's physician-directed weight loss program will help you lose weight to enjoy a healthier, stronger and more vibrant lifestyle. In today's diet-crazed world, medical weight-loss is considered the safest and most cost-effective approach for treating obesity without surgery. Our medical weight loss treatments are proven effective and our state-of-the-art approach has helped hundreds of patients restore their health and wellness. Recent studies suggest that overweight individuals can gain benefits, such as reduced risks for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, following even a small percentage of overall weight loss.

Lose Fat Not Muscle

  • Fast and Safe Weight Loss
  • Spares Lean Muscle
  • Elevates Hormone Production
  • Stimulates Hypothalamus
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Burns Abnormal Fat Reserves
  • One-on-One Dietary Consultation
  • Personalized Menu Plans
  • Doctor Monitored from Day One

Obesity can be a troubling reality leading to discomfort, pain, depression and a general deterioration in health. With years of experience, the doctors and staff at MedWell use modern-age techniques to maximize your weight loss goals. All of our weight loss programs begin with an in-depth examination of your medical history, weight and current routine. This guarantees a personalized experience based on your weight loss goals as well as your specific biological needs. After extensive testing, our medical weight loss team develops a custom recommendation for nutritional menus, physical activity and eating behaviors. Call today and let MedWell design a tailored weight loss plan or doctor-directed fast just for you.

Medical Weight Loss