PRP Injection Therapy Bergen County NJ

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is one of the newest forms of regenerative medicine that combines biology and chemistry to promote healing of injuries to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints without surgery. The body naturally produces undifferentiated stem cells that can be used to regenerate bone and soft tissues faster and more effective at the injury site. Patients who are either a poor candidate for surgery as well as those who simply want to avoid an invasive procedure, should consider PRP injection therapy. At MedWell Center for Pain Relief, our doctors are able to perform PRP injection therapy in Bergen County NJ as an in-office procedure. Once you are qualified as a candidate, we begin PRP treatments so that healing happens sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

  • Excellent for Treating Chronic Pain
  • Reduces Symptoms of Tendonitis
  • Rejuvenates Joint Function
  • Decreases Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  • Reduces Lower Back Pain
  • Healing for Orthopedic Conditions (e.g. plantar fasciitis)
  • Restores Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Attracts Stem Cells and New Blood Vessels

The PRP Shot is a treatment process, which is part of a new category of regenerative medicine that stimulates the growth of new, younger tissue with improved blood flow. The procedure involves the application of extracted platelets to specific areas that need healing. One way to increase the accuracy of the platelet rich plasma injections is to use ultrasound technology to guide the procedure. A small probe is placed near the affected area. Once your doctor has identified the anatomic landmarks, the PRP shot is injected while watching the needle on the ultrasound device. Guided injections are most often used when painful conditions exist in areas that are anatomically difficult to locate.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma can be a remarkable therapy that comes with several benefits and advantages. You can potentially avoid months of rehab, costly hospital bills, or failed prosthetics. It is a nonsurgical and an in-office procedure. Unlike corticosteroids it will not weaken tendon, ligament or bone mass. Results vary.

These types of procedures are non-surgical. It can aid in the body’s natural healing by activating and increasing the effected cells that are no longer doing its job of repairing the damaged tissue.  FDA does not approve these cells to treat, regenerate or heal any specific condition. We do not use Biologic or Umbilical Cord Tissue Driven Cells. When not getting a satisfactory response to customary medical care, this type of approach may be indicated by our physicians, if qualified, and will be discussed with you at your consultation. So, if you are seeking PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy in Bergen County, call to schedule your appointment now.

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