PRP Hair Loss Restoration Bergen County NJ

Surgical hair restoration is an expensive process and does not treat the underlying medical cause of thinning, unhealthy hair. Thanks to the latest treatment innovations, the MedWell Center for Chronic Condition Recovery has an affordable answer for male and female pattern hair loss. Although this embarrassing issue that is often linked to autoimmunity may have left you feeling helpless, platelet rich plasma injections made from your own blood can be injected into the scalp to improve hair density without surgery or harmful side effects.  Either a physician or nurse practitioner normally performs treatments for PRP hair loss restoration in our office during a scheduled series of visits.

Benefits of PRP Injections to Reverse Balding

  • Increases Follicle Blood Supply
  • Increases Hair Thickness
  • Triggers the Growth Phase
  • Controls Hair Growth Cycle
  • Decreases Hair Loss
  • No Recovery Time Required
  • Totally Safe and Effective Results
  • Noticeable Results at Lower Cost

Hair restoration using platelet rich plasma therapy has become increasingly popular with our patients. PRP injections are safe, simple and non-surgical treatments designed to help our male and female patients regain a healthy, youthful look. Balding or thinning hair can leave you frustrated and feeling helpless. With the right treatment plan, your growth factors and stem cells will work together with your energized blood platelets to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle and jumpstart your dormant hair back into a growth phase. Normally, PRP hair loss restoration requires a series of visits and once the final session is completed, you should notice improvements to your scalp and hair.

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