Hair Loss Treatment

Losing hair is no big deal. After all, most adult men and women lose up to a hundred strands of hair every day as a natural process of healthy aging. However, when hair loss starts to exceed a normal amount, the premature signs of balding can quickly become frustrating and may lead to a loss of self-esteem and confidence. Medical conditions that can cause hair loss include hormone deficiencies due to thyroid disease, an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata or certain scalp infections. Hair loss results from white blood cells in the immune system attacking healthy cells in hair follicles, thereby damaging the follicle and diminishing the production of new strands. Fortunately, stem cells are not targeted by an immune system attack and can be helpful in repairing damaged hair follicles.

Causes Associated with Hair Loss

  • Hereditary Baldness
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Illness with High Fever
  • High Levels of Personal Stress
  • Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • Scalp Ringworm (from kids)
  • Thyroid Disease or Anemia
  • Dietary or Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Extreme Eating Disorder
  • Recurring Autoimmunity

After bone marrow, hair is the second fastest growing tissue in your body. Nonetheless, during their lifetime, more than one third of adult women will have clinically significant hair loss. Dealing with an autoimmune disorder or other medical condition can be overwhelming but hair loss can add another layer of stress. At the MedWell Center for Chronic Condition Recovery, our team will identify the root cause of your hair loss to determine why you are losing hair faster than normal. Getting an accurate diagnosis from our doctor or nurse practitioner produce more effective results than what patients report from using hair salons, med spas or home remedies for hair loss relief.

Although a thick mane of hair is something most people desire, alopecia is unfortunately becoming more and more common in younger adults. This can be quite embarrassing for someone in his or her early twenties. So, no matter the cause, our team is dedicated to diagnosing the cause of hair loss and outlining an effective treatment plan that is personalized for each individual's needs.

Hair Loss

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