Migraine Headache Pain Treatments Hackensack NJ

If anyone knows the difference between a headache and a migraine, it is someone who suffers from migraines. Chances are good that environmental triggers like aromas, light or sounds can iniate the painful experience. In fact, an American adult visits the emergency room with a migraine headache every minute of every day, so you might know someone who is seeking migraine headache pain relief right now. A headache is characterized by a dull, aching pain that may be felt across the forehead, behind the eyes, or on the sides of the head. Conversely, a migraine is a specific type of headache with additional symptoms like an extreme sensitivity to light or sound, feelings of nausea or vomiting, and a throbbing pain on one side of the head.

5 Common Types of Headaches

  • Tension Headache - Caused by stress, tension headaches have a dull, achy pain and often are accompanied by a sore or stiff neck.
  • Chronic Headaches - If your headaches occur more than 14 days each month, you may have chronic headaches caused by an underlying condition.
  • Rebound Headache - Sometimes medication makes a headache go away but the headache quickly returns. The key is to stop the vicious cycle of over-medicating.
  • Sinus Headache - Sinus headaches are characterized by pressure around the nose, cheeks and under the eyes. These may be accompanied by a fever, infection, or an allergy attack.
  • Cluster Headache - Cluster headaches are very rare and occur in less than one percent of adults. Sharp severe pain is felt on one side of the head for up to a couple hours.
  • Migraine Headache - Migraines are characterized by throbbing severe pain and sensitivity to light and/or sound. Migraines are often preceded by a visual aura.

At the MedWell Center for Chronic Conditions Recovery, our doctors, nurse practitioners and staff are experienced in working with migraine sufferers who wish to take control of his or her life. That's right many of our patients have discovered that through their own actions and behaviors can impact whether or not they are disabled for days by migraine symptoms. When the early signs of a migraine suddenly appear, your first course of action should be to find a quiet, dark room where you call us and schedule your FREE consultation to discuss customized treatment options created just for you. Our migraine specialists can make recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes as well as provide tips on managing stress.

If you or your loved one is suffering from migraines, a trip to MedWell can change your life. No one should live with a constant fear of a new painful migraine episode. Our functional and therapeutic approach is non-invasive and eliminates the needs for dangerous pain medications. Call MedWell today to learn more about achieving migraine headache pain relief.