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Did you know a man's health issues, such as Peyronie's disease or type 2 diabetes, can make his penis look smaller? It definitely can. Moreover, many of the surgical procedures used in the past to correct other sexually-related problems also resulted in a physically shorter penile length. For most men, this is discouraging and something that is difficult for them to ignore. In fact, many would prefer that you add a little for optimal male sexual enhancement. According to a study published in the Journal of Urology, researchers estimated that the average flaccid penile length was 3 1/2 inches with an average erect length of five inches. MedWell offers alternatives for helping men reach their most intimate objectives.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a PRP Shot?

  • ED Medications No Longer Effective
  • Dissatisfied with Sexual Performance
  • Desire for More Penis Girth and Length
  • Reverse Plication from Peyronie's Surgery
  • Tired of Stopping to Take ED Meds
  • Weight Gain with Stubborn Belly Fat
  • Loss of Confidence in the Bedroom
  • Complement to Sex Hormone Therapy

If your gene pool left you a bit short, we offer the latest non-surgical procedures to help increase penile girth and length. In addition, our customized PRP Shot injections deliver results that cannot be attained using other male sexual enhancement options, such as sensitivity creams and erection pills. Our doctors, nurse practitioners and trained technicians are dedicated to bringing lasting improvements to our patient's sexual wellness. Once blood is drawn and prepared for your PRP Shot, numbing cream is applied to the penis to make a painless procedure that takes approximately thirty minutes to accomplish.  The results include a noticeable enhancement of penile blood flow.

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